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Muppet Robin HoodWow. Take a deep breath and dive in with me.

  • Let’s start with a contest from Calamities of Nature, which is having its first ever caption contest. Whoever thinks of the funniest punchline to today’s comic will win a book or t-shirt along with the original art to today’s comic. The comic in question can be seen here and the here are the complete rules and comment thread for entering.
  • And Cheeks is asking for suggestions on titling his new art book. Then we see the Webcomic Asylum point us toward a Build-Your-Own-Comic contest and while we’re at it, maybe we can try Neil’s Twitter caption contest. You’ve missed your chance to dress the bat, sorry.
  • MPD57 makes three special Digital Strip Picks and Nickelodeon announces their Comic Awards.
  • And Art In Sequence reviews Great while Comixup looks at The Incredibles. We also get a glimpse of My 25 Percent from the Newark Webcomic Examiner and an impression of the Dawn of Time from WebcomicZ. Just to add to the oversized pile, Webcomic Finds reviews the Pen Comic. Don’t forget Storming the Tower’s take on Dahm’s Overside with Rice Boy and Order of Tales and This Week in Webcomic’s comments on chapters three and four of Jump Leads.
  • In case you’ve missed it, webcomics are moving off the web and into the future. It hadn’t hit me so directly that the way things are evolving, we’ll soon be able to get every digital entertainment on every device on demand. Of course, that also will require standardization of formats and expectations, too. And (sigh) we’ll see more generalization instead of specific media.
  • I liked this article that weighs the pros and cons of to buffer or not to buffer. Actually, it talks about how much to buffer, but that line reads better.
  • And for those who want to know such things, DC has a new blog and we can see Wes Molebash’s new comic, courtesy of ComixTalk.
  • I’m going to sneak this in here, but you may want to check your Google page rank. ArtPatient is now a 4, up from 3 which was a 4 before that. According to some of the comments, other folks see their site rank fluctuate. Has that happened to your site?
  • Take a trip down colorful memory lane. It even gives the color codes for your favorites.
  • And for those who need some inspiration, you can always do something new with something old.


  1. Bengo

    Yeah, I mentioned to our friend Kez that our site rank was jumping around by 2-4 increments and she got right on it, spoke to an acquaintance who tracks such things, and it seems to be related to Google with “re-indexing.” Other possible explanations seems increasingly unlikely.

    Lately I feel we may come to regret our high reliance on Google and I have begun to diversify among their competitors. Definitely be prepared for possible headaches if you use Feedburner, Google Docs, Gmail and to some extend, Blogger. Not to mention the help groups are limp, and repair of things that are their fault seems always to take a month or more.

    This is not a bash, just a suggestion to spread yourself out.

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