What Did I Learn?

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Copper by Kazu Kibuishi is a comic that I look to as an inspiration. Each comic is a self contained concept and full story in it own right. The inspiration for each strip is interesting on its own, like the one entitled Storm. I don’t want to spoil it by explaining it, so read it and just think about how close it is to your experience. In particular, the feel you get from it is exactly the same.

The characters are well designed and the backgrounds are always interesting. In particular, Mr. Kibuishi can really paint water well. It’s quite a technical feat and there is a lot there I can personally learn from. It’s also nice to see a comic done with an actual nib pen that creates an interesting line.

Look at the process used to create Copper. Look at how the color scheme for each comic promotes a certain feel. Look at the storytelling and how every panel advances the story in some way. See how your eye automatically goes to the proper panel in sequence, which is not as easy to do as it might appear. Finally, see how easy Mr. Kibuishi makes it look to focus on an idea and tie it up nicely, without ever explicitly stating what the idea is?

What did I learn?

I’ve learned that you can create work that has emotional impact even with simple line and colors. Further, you can always improve each little thing you do to create a much stronger work. (As of this writing in late 2008, Copper has begun updating once again, so check it out.)

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