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Short and sweet, with a little punch this week…


  1. The fact that so many people worry about cheating in every form (top webcomic site voting, twitter, etc.) makes me think that perhaps they are taking their hobbies too seriously. How many people are actually going to make a decent living at webcomics? Especially the ones with very niche-interest comics? Also, how many of the successful comics are even ON those voting sites, or at least rely on them to get readership?

    In an ideal world, people would just work on improving their own comic and readership and income without worrying about what the folks down the street are doing.

    As far as comic ranking sites go, I only bother with the completely impartial ones which are based on analytics, i.e., and I only use it for another data point for analytics, not as any sort of popularity contest (although if people actually find my comic through it, that’d be a nice bonus).

    The only times I see a well-to-do comic towards the top of a comic ranking site, it’s because the comic already had a big readership and decided to mess around with the ranking site. It never appears to be the ranking site which makes the comic successful.

    And, the same argument applies to Twitter and follower counts.

    Unfortunately, the people who take this the most seriously seem to blackball anyone who disagrees with how important it is, and it seems to also be interrelated with going off the deep end.

  2. The Zuda contest, I would assume, is supposed to be more stringently handled than your typical toplist. I further assume they would have a vested business interest in knowing which comic was actually popular.

    I try to pay attention as people try to find a winning cheat in these sorts of things. It sometimes betrays information about the habits and preferences of internet readers.

    Having said all of that, though, it seems best if one’s primary speaker is the work itself, with any promotion being second seat in effect.

  3. The Zuda contest is for a contract, not a “hobby” as you put it. That is why the cheating issue is such a hot button. By cheating they are potentially depriving another contestant of a job that could parlay itself into years of work.

  4. That’s true, Manekochan. The stakes are higher through Zuda than what contestants get through Twitter or toplists cheating. Good point.

    Fluffy’s comment, I think, seems to apply more to webcomics in general and cheating the toplists than to Zuda’s specific situation.

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