Strip Features

What a busy week we;ve had, hmmm?

  • Storming the Tower looks at Life in a Cubicle and the Floating Lightbulb talks about Maneggs. Plus, the Webcomic Overlook looks at Dawn of Time and Stumptown reviews The Marsh. Then MPD57 looks over the February Zuda competition, with more to come. And Kevin Church gives us a quick rundown of comics whose creators are on Twitter.
  • I liked this article about the quality of comics in the newspaper and who they are for (I emphasize that part.) I’d comment more but it will be more fun to read it for yourself.
  • The Facebook Comic Con is open.
  • El Santo continues his climb into the upper echelons of fame and fortune by being featured in one of Canada’s top news magazines. Congrats! Speaking of the masked one, he gets a nice writeup on the state of webcomic blogs on the Floating Lightbulb.
  • Superfogeys hits 200!
  • In case you haven’t seen it already, there are a bunch of interesting things in this link from ComixTalk. There’s stuff from Mark Waid and Robot 6!
  • Most of us have our favorite webcomics that we check up on but how often do you reread the comic archives?
  • Want a little burst of comic quotes? You can, courtesy of The Beat. And When Fangirls Attack is looking for someone to take over their site – whoops. Too late.
  • Also, Ping takes a minute to decompress and evaluate her comics.
  • Fraggmented brings us some discussion about the invisibility formula. It behooves us to know to what kinds of stories we create in our comics.

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