Eskimo Dave

What Did I Learn?

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(this is a repost)

Eskimo Dave (created and drawn by Mike Hartigan, layout by Tony Devito, colors by MAD Conk and written by Adam Vermillion) is a comic with lots of fun things about it. Since I firmly believe in letting you experience comics for yourself, I’ll just say that Eskimo Dave is the main character with a big future ahead of him. He’s going to be very busy.

The art is done in a shaded cartoon style with well designed characters and great colors. You can tell the artists are really enjoying their work. Even litle things like the narration and stylized speech bubbles contribute to an enjoyable reading experience.

There are also some clever visual gags to enjoy. I can not get enough of them. These are the kinds of things that you can easily overlook when you have a deadline to meet. It takes not only creative vision but also time and effort to make something really noteworthy.

Complementing the art, we have snappy dialogue and fourth wall breaking comments embedded in the characters’ dialogue. You have to pay close attention or you’ll miss them. There are also little things the characters say and do that relate to what happens in the next episode. Most of them I didn’t catch until my second read through.

What did I learn?

I need to leave more surprises and visual gags in my work. I need to give myself the time to be as creative as possible and create the best work I can. Eskimo Dave has a lot of fun in store for its’ audience.

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