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You all keep me very entertained with all your comic bizness…

  • How many new comics are created and how many fail per year? That’s a good question (and my browser won’t let me comment there.) I would say most new comics stop updating within the first three months and and only about 10% make it longer than a year. I wonder how many comics make it to the five year mark?
  • Perhaps this is premature on my part, but these are pretty awful standard ad sizes these sites have agreed to. I shan’t be using any of them…what would readers with only 1000 pixel wide screens see?
  • ScottStory reviews The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels. Sounds interesting.
  • What’s the difference bewteen PR and publicity? That’s a good question. Too much of the time, we work for some notice and attention, but then what do we do with it? What’s the story?
  • With independent comics, usually the comic acts as the basis for the merch, the video games and the tv shows/movies. This gave me another idea. What if you had a short video game created and the comic expands and continues the idea? Of course, you start with the comic and base the game off of it but you want the video game seen first. You could distribute the game to all the free-game sites to act as the loss-leader. Seems doable if you take a generic game that already exists (like hearts or tic-tac-toe,) customize it with your comic’s IP and maybe add some special twist. With a little search engine assistance, this editable video game clone seems perfect for just such a project. For some reason, when a new fictional property has more than one kind of media and product, the whole thing sells better.
  • I’m not sure that I’m too woried about this, but if you care to know how many of your direct visitors are coming from Twitter just follow these instructions to help Google Analytics keep it all straight.
  • This made me stop and think, especially point number one. I realized that I prefer sites with top links that say something like ‘read the comics, get the books, etc’ to sites that say ‘archive, site shop, etc.’ It’s more to the point and customized to the reader.
  • And the more I read stuff like this, the more I am convinced that free online comics are the way to go. Better online readers will spur it a bit quicker and further but (really) readers want value for their money. And there may be some room for promotional comics in between regular updates or worked into the main comic storyline somehow.
  • It probably wouldn’t hurt to run our sites through this site accessibility checklist. It can only help. And everyone is jumping on the Twitter approach to site interaction. Blogs aren’t just expanded Twitter pages but I commend the first move away from that awful WordPress post editor. It would be nice just to edit posts right from a sidebar on the page itself rather than logging into a separate, slow running Dashboard. Sigh. Don’t mind me – This is one of those things I’ll end up doing myself if no one else gets around to it.
  • I’ve been wondering how to get a grip on the changes going on as we become more digitally oriented. What could I compare it to? Perhaps the introduction of the printing press is the best comparison that could be made if we wanted to understand what sort of directions things could go from here.

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