Strip Tips

A few how-to picks for today…

  • Especially for those who hand letter, it’s very clear just how different writing can be. How big do you make your capitals compared to your lowercase letters and how fancy you choose to make it. It shouldn’t really have surprised me that there is almost endless variation in letter forms, but look at the possibilities of the t and the o. The o thing explains some of my disatisfaction with my own lettering. I can only imagine what else I might be able to easily fix. And now it’s just getting ridiculous to simply choose a good font.
  • And then once you have a good font and lettering, you should probably go back and edit your script.
  • Ever wonder why you can’t ever kill off Sherlock Hokmes?.
  • While this might seem basic to some, I still found a neat trick in this how to make a mini comic post on ComixTalk from Grant Thomas. I also hope to get some useful tips from Howard Taylor’s four part discussion on Talent, Focused Practice and Artistic Success.
  • This is neat for webmaster sorts of folks. Rounded corners , backgrounds and more for divs just using jquery.
  • Have you ever tried to draw someone with five o’clock shadow? Here’s a good discussion of technique by a very recognizable artist.
  • MPD57 talks about marketing your comic.

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