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What Did I Learn?

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Chateau Wonderful by Andre Richard is updated every Friday. Each episode is basically a two page spread with one panel over top of the other. I found the borderless panels to be a refreshing change from the typical, more structured comic. The linework is interesting and the grey inkwash tones add quite a bit of depth. There are a few comics without the tones but the artist goes back and adds inkwash tones later. There are also a few color pieces that I liked as well.

There is also a sense of French-ness or more properly, maybe it is French-Canadian-ness that surely comes from the creator and creates an interesting contrast against the … place that the main character finds herself. (I don’t want to spoil it.)

Juliet, the main character, leaves Meriville on a journey to Chateau Wonderful. It is there where all her dreams will come true and she meets some other characters that she has always idolized. Where this leads her is yet to be seen, but she has already experienced the heartbreak that real life brings. Now, I’ve avoided spoiling the main thrust of the comic thus far and it’s very nice that the ending is not obvious to me at this point. I once ran across the phrase ‘pregnant with possibility’ and that’s where the situation is. All the best stories take you to that point and then you breathlessly wait to see how things are resolved.

A new thing for me is that this comic is classified as a ‘romance comic’ so the pacing is quite different than other comics. It’s kind of eye opening how much play you can get out of story events, depending on what you focus on.

What did I learn?

I shouldn’t be afraid to retouch and revise my comics if it will strengthen then. Even if my comic is not a romance comic, could it be strengthened by giving the characters a real passion for something? What would it mean to achieve it? What will it cost? Where will the characters be later, after they have tried to reach for their desire? Can I bring the story I am creating to the point where something has to happen and then let it develop naturally from there? Can I pace it out for maximum effect? You might just enjoy Chateau Wonderful.


  1. Thoughtful

    The size of the comic strip is too small. The text is hard to read. (on-line) the message and the drawing are fine. At least for me from an artistic family- the drawing is fine. I don’t understand the enthusiasm about the text. Great if you have a following there.

  2. Thoughtful

    I would be most happy to follow up with additional info-
    actually, I am just trying out this twitter thing and notice that you had yet to receive a response.
    this is an exciting venue for thought.
    Movie Stars and politicians are already using it.
    if you recall the Beanie Baby Craze in the USA, this is

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kim. I’m a little confused about your reference to enthuiasm about the text though. I liked the way the story plays out and the dialog even if the words are a little small.

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