Strip Business News

I had some computer issues over the weekend but still managed to catch some interesting bits…

  • Project Fanboy talks about legal stuff for comics.
  • And Wil Wheaton talks about some self publishing resources.
  • Having little icon pictures to identify different topics on our sites is a nice visual hook to catch the reader’s attention.
  • I’m trying to make time to listen to this Webcomic Beacon podcast where they talk about ads and links.
  • Are you into comics enough? Submit some samples to MTV and you can maybe cover comics for them.
  • It’s not easy to get readers to comment or transcribe your comics into Oh No Robot, but The Crown Prince managed it. Awesome stuff.
  • And it’s never easy even to measure the number of readers you have. Bengo points out some webcomic visitor trends in this post for some of our more well-known webcomics. I find it interesting to see how different comics stack up against one another, though I haven’t yet done the research to see what sorts of concrete statements can be made. Should you be interested in this subject, I would suggest that you read the comments to the article, as well. Of interest to me was in comparing the sites whose graphs are shown with their Project Wonderful numbers (even though the two sources never touch, time wise.)
  • And I’ve read the article that this article refers to, but I’m more inspired by the latter. It made me realize (or reminded me, perhaps) the timeline of banner ads online. When banner ads were ‘new,’ they were more ‘fun’ to click. Now they strike me more like notices in the newspaper… I’m less inclined to click on them (due to spam banner training and information overload avoidance, I assume.) What sorts of things would be ‘fun’ to click?

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