Strip Features 3-6-9

Dovecote CrestSo much to see…

  • Let’s start with reviews. The Webcomic Overlook examines Nedroids and Storming the Tower looks at Eros Inc. Then Mr. Myth looks at Starslip and The Heraldry of Webcomics reviews Bullet. I reviewed Dovecote Crest last week and by some happenstance, so did Ping. Storming the Tower looks at Sin Titulo. And then there’s some discussion about the pitfalls of reviewing at Jade Dragon
  • MPD57 looks at the current Zuda entries and finds himself torn. Who will he vote for?
  • And then here’s a look at the five most influential comics. Speaking of influential, ever wonder what Dave Gibbon’s take on the Watchmen movie is?
  • Journalista mentions an mentions an interview with Alan Davis (I loved his work on Excalibur)
  • You’re going to be busy, I can see. Friday Fandom is now found on Marooned. (I wonder what will be there today – this is from last Friday.) And there is always the pleasure of inviting yourself to a wedding. You’re also invited to a baby shower on the Magical Misfits comic, courtesy of the Scienteers. Then there is another contest (via ComixTalk) to celebrate hitting three years on Journey To Mt Moriahyou can see the rules here.
  • Blue Sky hits 500 updates. PLus, I’m sure you’ve always wanted to see the Russian TMNT comic.
  • And here we see a Star Wars/MMO comic.
  • Finally, on a sober note, the capitalist argument that we-just-make-what-people-want holds no water for me. Rather, it should be said that sometimes other people buy what we make, whether that is clean, crude pr somewhere in between. This article discusses how masculinity and femininity are typically (exaggeratedly) portrayed in comics. No matter what our preferences in this particular matter are, we should always take responsibility the work we create.

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