Strip News Tips Edition 3-5-9

Site ideas, discussion of drawing techniques and some theory…

  • Hey! McCloud is back with some new webcomic content. I can’t link directly to it on his site, but one of his first posts even links to an expression generator.
  • Speaking of websites, want some simple ways to test your site on multiple browers?
  • Thinking about adding sound effects to your comic? Wonder where you would get the sample sounds? Maybe here.
  • And then War of Winds gives us some pointers on having a mirror site to drive traffic to our main site.
  • Gamasutra takes the thirteen principles of animation and applies them to making video games. This are very useful things to include in our properties as we see more comic properties getting accelerated into other products like movies, video games and even stage plays. Here are the principles of animation but you may want to read the wikipedia version, too. I’d actually suggest that you read as many versions as you can find because they all seem to add small things to the basic understanding of the principles. Look at Blender’s version after you see the other two, for instance. It gets into some niggly details the others omit.
  • Zuda Follower tells us what he learned from the latest Zuda contest entries.
  • Or maybe you’d like some inexpensive books featuring Walt Stanchfield’s drawing tips. And Swikan points out this article on motion lines: should we use them? Interesting to ponder.

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