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What Did I Learn?

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The description of BreakPoint City by Brian Emling reads like this:

“Welcome to Breakpoint City! Located in Summit County, Ohio, Breakpoint City was built from the ground up as the nation�s first hovering city after a generous donation by the Sploz Corporation. Though only a few decades old, our city has already been praised as being the global capital of cutting edge technology.

Supported by five anti-gravity generators located near Alberton, Ohio, the city hovers approx. 0.76 miles above the Earth. Our many spaceports make the city an inviting spot for travelers from every corner of the galaxy. Breakpoint also is the current home of Sploz Co, makers of everything from advanced holography operating systems to fat-free yogurt. Protecting our city are two bright young heroes� and one talking dog:
-Ben F. Megawattis an inventor from the past with the power of electricity.
-Sofia Jaypeg hails from the future and uses that extra 1% of her mind to thwart crime.
-Dan, Ben�s pet dog, is powerless, but dreams of one day overcoming his “second banana” status.

Can an inventor, a superhero, and a talking dog survive life in a fast-paced future?”

This sets up the comic nicely, but what the comic is all about is a mixture of science fiction tropes and all these wonderful little pop/geek culture references like ‘reticulating splines,’ Mythbusters and Let’s Make A Deal. Every comic has pop culture bits but how they are handled can make all the difference. Here we see that characters using the various references while they are furthering the action instead of relying on the refs to carry the strip. They’re like side comments that enhance the enjoyment of the comic.

I love the names of the characters. It’s also great for the comic to be based in Ohio, a much overlooked source of adventure. It has great colors and special effects artwork, snappy dialogue and is full of geeky fun. Another thing that is handled very well is the upbeat action. It’s not easy to move the action forward and be entertaining at the same time. Many times, an artist has to choose one or the other and one of those dark sides may lure you more often than not. It’s easy to get in a rut.

What did I learn?

I’m sometimes too heavy handed when it comes to pop culture bits and I really ought to scale them back to side notes (most of the time.) Am I in a rut? Have I lately avoided story and portrayed action OR have I shown action but not really advanced story and theme? Or do I have a good mix? BreakPoint City has a good mix of pop culture references, good artwork and entertaining characters and storylines. See for yourself.

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