Strip News Business Edition

black-rabbitAll kinds of comic bizness things in the mix this week…

  • So all you need to do is get an interview or a review and that will sell everyone on your comic? Maybe not. But that begs the question why we don’t do the obvious things like take advantage of free press? (Well, by free I mean we can accomplish it with a little elbow grease.) It could also be time to redesign (or create) your business cards, too.
  • And you can’t submit anything to Marvel, though they do offer you a long shot by letting you show your portfolio to them at Cons. Some would suggest that superhero comics are on their way out, although the chain of popular superhero movies in the last decade or so seems to point my thinking the other way. Comics need to pander less to the hardcore and more to the casual reader. KPstake also has some comments in response.
  • Want to keep up with your fellow webcomic artists on Twitter? Read this.
  • Meanwhile, the cry goes up from the crowd: SEND THE EDITORS HOME. Not only does everyone else work from the comforts of home, but that would save money and time for the editors and the company overhead. Good call.
  • Just in case you haven’t seen this about a comic viewer on the iphone, here it be. Or maybe this has some potential…though there’s no real deatils, just another option.
  • And for those of us who would like to do more promotion, there’s a new webcomic review site that I stumbled across. It’s called Heraldry of Webcomics and he has a very well conceived review angle. I’ve read a number of the reviews and the author is very fair.
  • Don’t miss this. MPD57 weighs in on getting new readers to your comic in a new discussion feature on his site. I find it to be an ethical issue, myself.
  • And just for fun,let’s hope we never run out of trees to make paper out of. The alternatives aren’t always pretty. Where would I house my elephant, anyway?


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