Strip News – Business Edition 2-25-9

This post will cover publishing and other business goings-on in the land of comics… It kind of looks like I shol dhave called this the doom and gloom edition …

  • In some folks’ opinions, the state of writing in the superhero comic field is on low ebb. Still,  everyone thinks it might be a good idea to break into the comics biz by just networking with famous names at comic conventions. Here’s some advice about that strategy.
  • This is a bad legal precedent for the entire internet. Hopefully it will get overturned.
  • In the middle of this post from the Beat is a link to an article on comic journalism. And here’s a post that points us to webcomicTV. You may want to see the first few pages to get a sense of the site’s aims.
  • In some quarters, there is a move toward getting rid of distracting ads and relying on readers to fund the site. It would be a rare comic where it would make sense to show the weight-loss ads. That is just spam. I mention this because I’d prefer to see less non-entertainment sorts of ads on comic sites. It is doubtful that the average comic site would be able to have a membership push, so I’m considering setting aside an ad space on Artpatient specifically for comic-only features like fun merch or new print releases. And Fleen comments on ComicSpace’s merch plans.
  • And I’m sure that you’ve seen the Viz backlist being cut by Diamond’s new policies. Some sites have the actual list but I seem to have neglected to bookmark any of them, sorry. But we can look at some graphic novel sales numbers and the resulting whirlwind of discussion about their accuracy in two places. And we can continue with the other big discussion about the future of comics right here.
  • Does your comic have theme music or fun sound effects? If so, that’s great! You are way ahead of the rest of the pack. Now, make them into downloadable ringtones for your readers.
  • Tall Tale brings us a tale of fickle newspapers and comics along with some discussion about their future. The shift away from print leads us artists back into the practice of putting our comics online for free, which works but people expect free content from their browser. What is that the key to websurfers paying for content? (It’s something new to add to the discussion, at least.) Also, ebooks need to be priced according to their own value not according to the print product.
  • And I like the look of this. With a touch screen, it’s closer to a useful reader than previous attempts. However, I think devices like it will require some other feature that makes them must-have.
  • When you help other people they help you. What kind of comic, comic site or service would be a dream come true? Create that and maybe your dreams will come true too. Maybe you’d like a site where you can create comic wallpapers for sale? Or maybe you’d prefer a Sharing Machine? Maybe making our sites more adaptable for the readers is a potentially good idea? Perhaps you can set things up so newspapers can display your comic on their site? Or maybe you’d like a very interactive forum with passionate commenters on your site? The possibilities are endless.
  • Lastly, a word of caution as comics continue to become more popular:We may want to be on the watch for scraper abuse.

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