Count Your Sheep

What Did I Learn?

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(this is a repost)

Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos is all about Katie, her mom Laurie and their imaginary friend Ship. It’s in what I would call a blue monchrome which has an interesting effect on you as you read it. Blues, of course, are a cool, calming color and at first I was thinking I would find the comic cold due to the color.

I actually found the comic very warm, enhanced by the color. It’s almost like you have to symbolically peer into the comic to catch the full impact. It’s a little hard to describe, but maybe the interview at Kidnapped By Gnomes will help you to understand what I mean. It’s got a warm vibe despite the cool color.

Count Your Sheep is one of those comics that really makes good use of the medium. One comic shows the characters taking toilet paper with them, unrolling around the panels as they go. Another good one has the panels created by a door and its shadow but there are plenty of other creative examples to be found if you look back through the archives.

What did I learn?

Sometimes you need to fly in the face of tradition to reap greater impact, like going against a color’s usual use. We should exploit those things that only comics can do with clever visual gags and panel design. Take a look at Count Your Sheep, I’m sure you’ll like it.

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