So the sheer amount of comic news that I point you to could grow to be overwhelming as I continue to add more resources to my lists. I could easily create more than three screens of links and other points of interest every week.

Truth is, though, that it must be difficult to scan read such a large block of text for the things that personally interest you. The presentation should probably change. I want to continue to provide value so I thought to take a look at how the other comic news, reviews and commentary sites handle their reporting.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few sites that should be listed. While some sites feature reviews or mainly do commentary, others have a slightly different approach. For example:

MPD57 not only covers webcomics in general but also focuses on the entries in Zuda contests besides covering a number of other creative endeavors. That provides for both choice perspective and multifaceted angles of consideration.

Art in Sequence self describes as “a weblog that seeks to analyze comic books, both print and online, from a visual and literary perspective.” That’s a little more rigorous than most and it’s not really my turf.

ComixTalk gives us a webcomic magazine with all kinds of interesting things going on.

The Daily Cartoonist offers up news on comic strips, editorial, magazine cartoons, movies, animation, webcomics and more. Often enough, news stories are broken on this site as well.

Then, of course, there’s the Floating Lightbulb which sometimes breaks behind the scenes stories and always serves up well researched information.

Webcomic Finds has an interesting approach, too. There are individual posts for full webcomic reviews, discussion points, plugs, commentary and quick feedback reviews.

And then there is Journalista which has news posts broekn into the following fairly thorough sections:

  • 1. Above the Fold – Business watch – layoffs and company news
  • 2. Literary comics and reviews
  • 3. Pop Comics has discussions about specific popular comics and creators, plus discussions in general
  • 4. manga analysis, reviews and interviews
  • 5. newspaper comic strips
  • 6. digital comic news
  • 7. small press and mini comics
  • 8. cartooning
  • 9. culture and events

I appreciate the hard work that goes into those sites and I have no desire to step on their turf. While there will always be some overlap I think I see at least one way to contribute something useful.

I’ll be breaking the news bits down into more manageable chunks by category; Business, Tips and Features. Each will get one dedicated post a week and you’ll be able to browse which ones specifically interest you and without having to wade through multiple screens.


  1. Bengo

    I’ve always found you judgment of what’s interesting to be pretty spot on reliable.

    I rely on you a lot to help catch news I might otherwise miss. You’re like a one man Associated Press.

    I’m currently writing at least one post based on something I heard about here, though I can’t guarantee at this point it will be worth publishing.

    Just some thoughts from a loyalist.

  2. I like what you do now, but if it makes things easier for you and for potential new readers then I’m all for the changes. I’m struggling myself with these issues (as I suspect are most people who blog) because at the end of the day this is supposed to be fun and not a chore. As long as it doesn’t take you too far away from being creative yourself.

  3. @Ben – I hope I continue to pick the most interesting news bits. I’ll be waiting to see what you’ve decided to look into.

    @ Alecho – I’m just making sure I contribute meaningfully and reviews will come every week. There are still thousands of comics to get to.

    @ Mike – It will make posts easier to digest, easier to put together and hopefully be more thorough overall. This may also enable me to look at some other kinds of comics. I have the Frog Pond up and running again if you want to check it out.

  4. Hey, Delos: I once played around with doing a news/reviews-aggregator segment in my own blog… but you were already doing a much, much better job than anything I would’ve done. Keep up the good work, man!

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