Strip News 2-20-9

Webcomicdom, you’ve been busy….

  • For What It’s Worth has cartoons up for view (again,) Art in Sequence reviews fTGP and yearns for the full color comic page. And this…wow. Character, detail, expressions and lots more good things. Plus a new Copper, to boot. Storming the Tower reviews Nothing Better and Octopus Pie while the Webcomic Tattler looks at Monster Commute and explains why comics need to be tattle upon. Shmoofy appears here. To get the skinny on Shmoofy and see where else he has shown up just look here. You may also want to download the 2009 Zuda Comic Sampler.
  • Courtesy of 12 Fingers, do you want to see a pro comic script get turned into a finished product right before your eyes?
  • And while the whole idea just exhausts me, HP Komics tries to create some hourly Comics in celebration of Hourly Comics Day.
  • Entertainingly, the question is still not settled. Should we call them comics, webcomics, online graphic novels or a form of karaoke? There’s also the age-old question of watermarking your images. If you do, it gets in the way of the art and if you don’t then someone can steal it. Here’s a compromise.
  • Whedon (like him or not) now has a few more obvious things going for him. First, he’s proving that he doesn’t really need Hollywood and that the internet is a valid medium for serious contenders.
  • If you use Facebook, check your settings and review Facebook’s policies every so often. Just saying. Also, wonder how specifically to make sense of your Analytics to see what’s working and what’s not working?
  • We’re not quite to the point where the technology does justice to comics better than a printed copy but we’re working on it.
  • Manley comments on Superheroine’s post about webcomics being absorbed into the big comic publishers. She’s got a good point about readers wanting authority and about the big media companies having definitely something to say about how the internet is developed further. It is a big pond, as Manley points out – though I don’t think webcomics are as big a draw as he does. That said, I assume has access to better data than I and perhaps the audience is much larger than I’ve surmrised. But that’s where an authority like Marvel or DC could have an affect on any size audience. Interesting discussion.
  • And Cebulski offers some advice on getting hired to do comics. You also might try Mike Lynch’s organic cartoon business plan (courtesy Journalista.) Meanwhile, The Daily Cross Hatch is now inviting writers.
  • Mixing Art With Business talks about creating characters, which is skewed toward supers but the principles apply to all forms of comics. (There are more related articles there that I’ll mention in later posts.) For now, there’s an excellent post about the kinds of characters by El Santo that I found very informative.
  • Let’s end on a plea for help that I saw on DivaLea’s twitter. Karen needs it.


  1. That’s a good optimal alternative, actually. Hotlinkers get the extra accrediting and it’s all automatic from your end (once it gets set up.) Regular readers have a custom view, so to speak.

    I’ll be mentioning your link in the next Strip News Column.

  2. Yeah. The main drawback is it doesn’t watermark if someone downloads the image directly from my site, though. I’ve found that historically, people never actually come to my site based on a funny image they see hotlinked from a forum anyway, so it’s kind of moot to begin with.

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