Strip News 2-13-9

I’ll let everyone who went to the con tell you about it. In the meantime…

  • El Santo reviews Loviathan, Boxcar Astronaut reaches 100 strips and Webcomic Finds reviews Addanac City. I Am Legend looks at Circle Vs Square and MPD57 looks at the comics from January’s Zuda contest.
  • As impressive as Ledger’s performance was, this is going a little too far.
  • Let me restate the obvious: Comics are for everyone, but everyone is not for all comics. You and I might like superhero comics but we also know there are other possible kinds and genres of comics that would appeal to those that dislike superheroes. Comics are associated with costumes and powers and the concept should really be expanded past that. Part of that could be a very comfortable and appropriately decorated girl’s comic shop. Would it be that difficult to operate under a different theme than the typical grungy miniatures and toys shop? Some of last year’s biggest movies were comic movies, so it follows that if  the presentation is changed there is a larger audience to be had. We need to realize that the audience is there for compelling  content. (Watch the video. It’s about grizzly bear soup and cool boots AND it gave me some ideas worth trying.)
  • Don’t worry about Diamond. You can sell comics if you try. Not like you have been, but it can be done. Art in Sequence looks at the potential of digital works and Marvel does iTunes. I would be quite happy to be wrong but I’m thinking it better be something a little more impressive than what I think the technology allows right now. If I’m wrong, it could potentially open things up for other possibilities.
  • John K has a discussion about character construction being safe and balanced or ungainly and interesting. He also mentions showing visual cues that allow the audience to anticipate the action. I’m not sure how to best translate the value of that advice into better comics but it’s another way to focus the reader’s attention. Comic Tools (via radiomaru) interviews some creators about their brushes. And while we’re there, here’s some good advice about picking a brush and then inking, using pointed sticks and creating custom lettering guides. Michael Cho offers up some inking techniques (via Journalista,) Pastis tells us not to try too hard and Fraggmented tells us about the Creature. The final thoughts inform us why we see the Creature as one kind of character and Snoopy as another; even though they are technically the same thing.
  • For anyone who has a website, it’s probably good to review updating your About as a way to imrove your site. It might also be useful to increase your twitter presence. (Yes, I should get around to doing both of these things later today.)
  • And this has to be the most famous building in science fiction. I’d like to see some things like this go around webcomics where we all feature some person, place or thing during the same week. Some (a few) have  a good amount of buffer, so it would have to be scheduled a month ahead. Still, that’s only 52 things to pick for someone who is good at choosing this sort of thing.

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