Last Minute Change of Plans But It's Okay

So I was working on a couple of other websites (one of my other jobs) and I needed a tricky solution to a coding problem. I’ve managed to approach the problem in several ways but none of them have worked consistently. Hence the need to resort to trickery and skullduggery to get the job done. Except that’s not working either. :)

So I kludged a temporary solution with a few other loose ends left to tie up today. At that point, I began working on a requested review of a certain comic with a fairly short archive. I had spot-read a few of the comics and it was a pretty funny gag/slice-of-life sort of work. About a third of the way into the archive, I happened across a comic featuring a directly sexual situation. I know, it’s part of life, but my policy is there for good reason.

It gave me a bit of a pause, but I chalked it up to the college age status of its creator and kept going through the archive. I was hoping it was an isolated case but I found more instances and the next several were at least as graphic, if not more so. I had to scrap my review of that comic, which is a shame on several levels. What I would normally do in this case is review another comic, but I don’t have time.

But it’s all going to be okay.

As it turns out, John K analyzed a couple of newspaper comics this week and was surprised by what he had found. He looked at the Wizard of Id and B.C. His observations were interesting and I think you’ll enjoy reading them. I learned a lot and I hope you will too.

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