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What Did I Learn?

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This review is on Jump Leads by Ben Paddon and JjAR. Let’s talk about the art first. As you can see from the sample image (which is a cover instead of the actual comic,) the linework is interesting and the colors have a great contrast element to them. The characters are solidly designed and have good variety. Plus, the backgrounds evoke just the right feel for the science fiction setting. Fancy backgrounds are not the easiest thing to do when you have so little space to work with.

As of this writing, there are only seven episodes. Even so, you can clearly see that the comic is headed somewhere specific. I can see that there’s a plan which requires a certain pace of story in each episode. I’m waiting to see exactly where the story is going, but you can clearly see that the writing is strong. It has direction of action and builds momentum. Where are we being led?

Something else I found interesting was a discussion in the forums about what font to use. And after hearing the concerns, a change in font was made and retroactively applied. That’s good customer service.

What did I learn?

Try some fancier backgrounds if it suits your comic. Keep the writing focused and strong. Respond and react to comments and suggestions. See for yourself at Jump Leads.

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