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What Did I Learn?

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How can I describe Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz? From the Website:
Dresden Codak is an illustrated celebration of science, death and human folly.” Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

First of all, I love the crazily creative panel layouts of the more recent comics. It’s very effective montage that not only communicates a lot going on but also shows details that would otherwise be missed. You get a much better sense of the world than you do in most comics. It’s something else to try out – Personally, I’d have to be careful to make sure that to use powerful contrasts to lead the viewer’s eye to the next panel.

Secondly, the art is very good. Strong highlights and shadows, good line and a great variety of textures. Combining unusual panel layouts with strong artwork is very attention getting… I’d almost say it demands attention.

Adding to this is science information in the comments below, such as debate quotes from Einstein and Bohr. I don’t understand as much of it as I’d like to but what it accomplishes is to get the reader’s brain ratcheting up into a higher gear. This is a different kind of stimulation and experience that most comics don’t give you. We aren’t all science buffs but we can all add more in-depth material out of our interests to add to the feel of our comics.

I also did another, more regular sort of review over on Comic Fencing. The comic has also come to an end since that review was posted.

What did I learn?

Try at least an occasional montage and don’t be afraid to experiment with the panel layouts. Also, textures are powerful and just a splash of color can indicate texture. Thirdly, if at all possible, add related information to the comments attached to the comic. If you haven’t already looked it over, see what you can learn from Dresden Codak.


  1. Adam Messinger

    Dresden Codak hasn’t come to an end, just the story arc that dealt with a sentient robot from the future. The comic goes on, most recently with an episode about a younger Kim’s troubled school days. Victorian moon-dwellers Rupert and Hubert have also put in another appearance recently.

  2. D Trit

    Dresden codak is a nice comic by a good guy. He may not publish as people would want but definitely worth the wait sometimes. And I hear he works as a flash animator for an airplane company..so he is a busy man.

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