Strip News (12-19-08)

Here’s a few comic distractions…

  • We get to see a little behind the scenes art process of the Eben07 comic. We also get interviews with the editor of Sketch magazine and Bengo and Pug. The Guardian lists five comics in their 1oo best websites, two of which I’ve never seen or heard of (plus some other useful links.)
  • I ran across this artist listing called the Comiclopedia. There are a number of very famous cartoonists on the list, but I’m afraid I am unfamiliar with the vast majority of names. Perhaps you’ll see a few you recognize or finally be able to put a name to some comic you once saw.
  • It’s amazing what useful comic analysis can be found. You know how all the how-to comic manuals say to lead the eye around the comic page? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a very clear example? And from the same site there’s a discussion about what the tracer inker brings to the comic page. In another article, an artist is quoted discussing his interesting text-less comfort reader manga. And then we have an example of  mutipanel layouts, panel organization options and time saving by marking up your drawing board with your preferred layouts. And we haven’t even made it into all the ways you can use the text, including using text descriptively. However we use text, we are also reminded to have strong visuals.
  • This one stands on its own, though. It talks about how successive panels relate to one another. It seems there is more that could be said here.
  • Via the Daily Cartoonist, we discover internet content can now win a Pulitzer. There’s no award for comics yet, but digital works are gaining respectability.
  • Most of you are probably aware of the difficulties in the art/comics business, but here’s a little something that describes the juggling act you must do to succeed. Then it’s about making sales and thinking about advertising. You’ll need a banner or two (in a good location) and try to work your projects through to their logical conclusion before you go too far. You’ll want to write press releases in a step by step fashion and make sure your website has good keywords.
  • I’m still debating if I want to do this, but my circumstances are a little unusualand require a variation on the approach. It’s a good idea, I think.
  • And let’s end on something not comics but with interesting possibility. Imagine if you could simply imagine what art you’d like to create and voila! For me, though, comics are a process and I couldn’t just ‘imaginate‘ comics into creation – Other than the general look and feel, I can’t imagine what the finished, detailed product will look like when I start.

Enjoy your weekend. We’re getting lots of snow here.


  1. Thanx for the link to the interviews. It’s always fun to hear the cartoonist’s personal story.

    It’s encouraging to hear that digital works can now be nominated for Pulitzer. There are lots of outstanding works on the internet that is worthy of it.

    Yea, i am not too sure what to do with the Twitter Landing… I haven’t used Twitter before but I hear lots of good things about it. I guess I’m just being a chicken to try something new 😉

    keep up the good work! 😉

  2. Twitter is a great way to meet and keep up with other cartoonists or authors (like Bendis, Ellis or Gaiman for instance.) I’ll send you an invite. The signup is the same as any forum and you follow whomever you want. Every once in a while I go through and find another artist, author or minor celeb to keep track of. The folks who were interviewed are on it and they are interesting people to follow.

    Some people post about common things like feeling ill, being hungry or their busy day. Others post about projects they’re involved with or have short discussions about various topics and interesting links. The trick for me is to make sure I post something interesting periodically, along with the posts from ArtPatient.

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