Just Outside

What Did I Learn?

webcomic revews by Delos

(this is a repost.)

This review is on Just Outside by Adam Fisher-Cox. The first thing you know is that Just Outside is a labor of love. It’s clear as day that Adam enjoys making comics. His bio has comics from when he was very little, so he’s been at this a long time.

There’s a nice variety of subjects, mostly slice of life moments. There are also a few amusing what-if sort of comics and I couldn’t help but think ‘Yeah. I’m sure there’s someone out there probably did that.’ There must also be something really fun about being able to go right from life event to idea to payoff… I work along storylines so I have some extra steps to get through before I see the payoff.

There’s also some self-critique and author’s thoughts. It’s nice to get a sense of what he was thinking when he created a particular comic.

What did I learn?

You have to enjoy making comics to keep making them. It’s very rare to be able to live off your comic, so you have to enjoy it. You can also enjoy the quick payoff of one-shot ideas as well. It’s definitely something to try. Keep it fun like Adam does with Just Outside.


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