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What Did I Learn?

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(this is a repost.)

This review is on Tia’s World by Robert Arthur Smith. The description actually understates:
“Little Tia lives in a very strange world. An experimental comic.”

This comic takes some fairly strong thinking to grok at first. I get what most of them are about but some yet escape me. Now that is not a slam. Not every comic will resonate with your entire audience. Garfield is a widly successful comic and there are plenty of Garfield strips I don’t find even faintly amusing. It happens to everyone. And this comic is different.

The comic sometimes relies on visuals and other times relies on Tia’s view of the world. Sometimes both. Tia has a vivid imagination and her own unique perspective. Sometimes you see a bushy green tree morph into a friendly dragon who just wants to talk. Sometimes it’s just about a feeling Tia is having. Sometimes it’s lighthearted and other times it dips a little deeper. Nice variety.

Perhaps this is why the creator chose to say it’s strange and experimental. It’s hard to pin it down exactly, but after reading all the comics to current (number 29) you get the sense that Tia enjoys sharing her little world with you.

What did I learn? There are yet many new directions to comics that I haven’t experienced. And once again I’m reminded of how the effect of a comic can be strong, even if the subject matter is lighthearted. Welcome to Tia’s World.

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