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What Did I Learn?

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Hank Addanac is the seven year old star of Addanac City. He is joined by his fellow second graders Christie and Tim. To round out the cast, we have Hank’s parents, class teacher and principal.

Hank seems to have some behavioral issues with anger, respect and sharing, among others. Before you come down too hard on him, many of the other characters have similar traits. They all have their negative foibles and most have their kind moments as well.

To be completely fair to readers and the artist, I am not the target audience for Addanac City. One very important thing I have to do is help my young children become well adjusted adults someday. That means they should use manners and share and do all those things that Hank (and the others) do not do. Since it’s a responsibility I take seriously, I had a hard time appreciating the lighthearted humor that Addanac City is meant to be.

That’s why I have to give Hank and the crew some special credit. They aren’t all bad and no one is perfect. And this goes to the heart of something else worth addressing here too. Some might make a comparison between Addanac City and a certain comic that has been published in the newspapers for almost fifty eight years. They are in the same genre of comic, you might say.

I see enough differences in approach that clearly separate the two. The one comic has kids acting inappropriately, mainly out of ignorance. Hank turns up the heat on purpose and his castmates often egg him on. While the jokes might have a similar base, the punchlines come from a different place.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that the colors create a different sort of feel. Kids, especially, like bright colors and these are almost neon (on my screen, at least.) Perhaps it is just the result of strong colors on a pure white background as I read through the archives.

I also liked the effect of having bold words in color instead of black. It seems to me there is some possibility there for useful customization and comic enhancement in that technique.

What Did I Learn?

There is always room for improving our craft in unexplored ways. There are always going to be new directions and approaches to try. And even if a comic doesn’t personally appeal to you, don’t discount it totally. That’s why I say you should check out Addanac City by George Ford for yourself.


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