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  • Calamities of Nature Guest Strip Contest – Calamities of Nature has announced its first guest strip contest. The 3 best strips submitted by December 22nd will have their comics featured as the December 28th, December 31st, and January 2nd updates. In addition, each winner will receive a signed copy of the Calamities of Nature Volume 1 collection. If you don’t win, it’s still all good. All other submissions will be featured in the blog individually on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have their comics saved in the gallery. For further details, see
  • And here’s an invitation from Indy Comic News to keep them informed of what comics you are creating and publishing. It also looks like Mouse Guard is returning.
  • Fes and company apparently talked about this on the Beacon #50 (I haven’t listened to it,) but they have a forum thread about doing a communal webcomic. I’ll be checking on that and also this periodically to see what he has to say. Oh, and Tanya from Beacon mentioned this site on Twitter the other day – the ad money is off for my site but I like the other information.
  • Surely you’ve heard about Comics Kingdom by now. Digital may never replace print but it won’t be ignored. Things change. Sometimes even old mainstays begin to disappear like Saturday Morning Cartoons. And via the Comics Reporter, things change at newspapers, too. Comics and cartoons merge.
  • I’m not entirely sold yet, but it’s nice to have an option besides Comic Press even if I never use it. The author is taking feature requests as well, if that sweetens the pot for you.
  • This seems like a handy drawing lesson to remember and this article on what it’s like to write comic books confirmed something for me. Creating your own comic may not lead you to the newspaper or self publishing but it may open some other doors of opportunity. That’s why we need to produce our best work as often as we can. We never know exactly how or when it will pay off.
  • Speaking of which, I am amazed at how long it takes to create a comic update since it only takes ten seconds to read it. It makes me think there might be some merit to doing things this way (to some degree.) It might also help if you could ‘hire’ an intern.
  • I found another comic review site (via Comic News) that’s been publishing since mid October, Webcomic Overlook has a review of Sarah Zero and a nice post with more comic news. My last review for Comic Fencing should be posted, as well.

And I’m leaving you with a question … Anyone know what’s going on with Sequart?

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