What Did I Learn?

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Crashlander by James Hutchinson is an enjoyable comic published monthly in Edge magazine. It more or less speaks for itself, but let me give you some information about it.

It stars Merrin, a blonde girl who is cheerfully billed as a “social agitator.” Spork is a white hairless alien about three and a half feet tall, with an impressive intellect. The robot is Asbo, who is not only very strong but can also fluently speak 802point11n. Dale is the blue, bitter shellfish created in the lab with the inferiority complex. He also (shudder) hates science and has Pierce Brosnan posters (bigger shudder.) Mr. Gubbins is the little microchip who sounds like a bee and is chronicly shy. Finally, Granpa is an ex-soldier who has some issues of his own. By now, I am sure you are asking ‘Just what is this comic about?’ Below is your answer, as cribbed from the About section of the Cast page:

Howlin’ Bob Maddison was all set to enjoy his retirement from a classified military research institute in Aldershot when he was made to look after an alien and a robot from the planet Ogg Vorbis, by order of the Queen.

His biggest challenge, however, would be to adopt his granddaughter, orphaned in a sickening teleportation accident.

A bashful computer chip and talking blue shellfish further complicate matters.

I hope that clears up a few things. This may help further: A Crashlander is “someone who jumps to different dimensions on the orders of the government.”

I like the crisp linework and colors. The backgrounds are great, sometimes just filled with shadows of color shapes. It’s a fun effect. One of my favorite strips has some rays of light fading into the sky. Smooth but striking.

The characters all have fun dialogue and sometimes border on snarky attitudes. They are well designed both visually and personality wise. It’s a fun read.

What did I learn?

Sometimes a webcomic is just something to be enjoyed and can’t be over analyzed. If it has good art and fun characters, you really can’t go wrong. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Crashlander as much as I have. Have fun with it.

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