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I’ve got about a screen full of things bookmarked that I wanted to talk about or mention. Let’s see how many make it past the edit:

  • Cape& Babes hits one year. Congrats!
  • You saw this interview of Mr. Breathed, right? He said “The art of the comic page has never obsessed me.” Interesting point of view, huh?
  • Hopefully you’ve seen the rules of Online Comic Fandom?
  • Indy Comic News has some thoughts about What The Future Holds For Independent Comics and Graphic Novels. I’d like to see how point number six works out.
  • Here’s a few things to think about if you’re trying to get into the Comic Book Biz or doing some freelancing (via PW Beat) or growing an audience…. This would be a nice problem to have, don’t you think? Of course, then you’d need to know how much to charge.
  • I’m a Batman fan but I don’t buy the comics anymore. Just reading this about Robin, Red Robin and Birds makes me think that this is yet another ploy to sell comics instead of telling good superhero stories which sell themselves. I will take the time to investigate this Batman R.I.P. business and hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • As if to have a counter point to the DC news, Marvel has digital comic Mondays. Looks like it has been going on since last spring, off and on. This is a step in the right direction, although I have to take a few steps back – I personally find the website difficult to navigate. Anyway, this is progress.
  • I really wish I had heard of this event BEFORE that weekend passed. I would have gone. I asked some of the nice folks on Twitter if they knew of any websites that listed upcoming comic conventions. I’ll pass the helpful information I received on to you nice readers. They were Comic Book Conventions and Fanboy’s Convention List. (And thanks to BetaPwnd and IntoTheMantle.)
  • This ain’t comics, but for anyone who might be dismayed because their comic gets very few reader comments and whatnot…I’m sure that you’re doing better than these guys. What could you do with 350 million visitors in 26 days? You’d get more than 28 measly comments, I’m sure.
  • I was saddened to hear about this, although I might have done the same if I were in his position. However, I really don’t see this as bad news for comics and related industries, though. Maybe all these folks will start looking for some inexpensive new form of entertainment like webcomics.
  • Comic Fencing reviews Dead Days, Newsarama reviews Ham & Eggs, the requisite Eisner Judges announcement, and don’t forget Kez’s two part interview.

Not too bad – that’s most of them. The others are all clustered around a certain topic, so I’ll save them for next week. Did I overlook anything that deserves to be mentioned?


  1. You should see the email back-and-forth I had with the promoter of Albany Con, who gave me a burning conviction that I did not want to attend. Saw some old acquaintances from Fantaco in the photos, though, which was cool. That was an amazing comic book store.

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