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As usual, I’ve an urgent need to put my ignorance on display.

  • There was a discussion thread on TWCL that asked what they biggest challenges are for those comic artists who are looking to go pro or semi pro. One major point is the audience pool. Some believe that the online comic audience is limited and comics are just trading readers. Others said that there are a limited number of successful kinds of comics which make it harder to get noticed. I think that the attention of people is hard to capture. We forget that once upon a time comics were only found in the newspaper and in comic books. There is nothing that serves to focus the attention of the reader pool. At best, we have Google which serves up a billion choices and then points us toward what other people find interesting. But people primarily care about what grabs them and so it follows that our comics will appeal to people who like what we like. It’s not about audience size or getting audience attention so much as connecting to people like us. That’s the attention focus that Google can’t provide us.
  • There are, however, some things to learn by looking at the examples of other artists who have made comics. Skitzo Man has a list of things to avoid and here’s a list of things to do courtesy of the Webcomic Beacon. Ming has some good lessons for us all on Ming’s Secret Blog, too. Then there’s a handy summary of Scott Adam’s rules of humor in an article that talks about how one comic found its audience.
  • Also, comics are getting to be a bigger part of our lives. I think it has something to do with pictures and words communicating faster and more together than either can do alone.
  • New comic reviews of Kevin & Kell are up on Comic Fencing. Webcomic Finds reviewed Caribbean Blue and Zhi reviews Lil Nyet. Dr. Haus reviews Manga Runner on Comixtalk. Also, the List of Webcomics Blogs has been updated.

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