Enker's Tale

What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos Woodruff

(This is a reformatted repost of an older review.)

To get some understanding of what was going on, I checked out the background of the comic thus far… “Sigma has been defeated, and in the aftermath Zero has gone into stasis until such time as his connection to the deadly virus can be decoded. However in his absence things are gong to hell – Mavericks are spewing crime and violence throughout the city, and Megaman X is unable to cope with the loss of his best friend. Things are falling apart and if the Hunters don’t rally soon then it could spell the end for everyone. Into this city of rage and despaire comes a figure a figure of the past, the last relic of a time long forgotten. Could he be the one thing that can turn the tide of battle, or will his presence doom them all?”

There’s some depth there. The character bios are written similarly and the first thing that jumped out at me was that there are no cardboard cutouts here. There are definite motives and a nice mix of personalities.

This comic is black and white with some very intruiging linework. I, personally, would feel a need to fill the spaces with texture and detail. But Enker works remarkably well without it. As a matter of fact, it really forces you to consider the motivations and dialogue of the characters. Getting back to the linework: It’s very subtle in places yet there is a clear sense of the forms and motion of the characters. He doesn’t always draw the end of the limb in motion, for example. However, you aren’t left wondering what happened to it due to open, airy nature of the art. It’s a neat trick.

The panel variety is nice, and the page background provides a great contrasting backdrop. It’s just perfect for directing your eye back to the comic. The colors of the title pop without overwhelming the comic.

What did I learn? Enker reinforces that the characters and stories are what captures the audience’s imagaination. What you leave out can be just as important as what you include. And it’s not all bright colors and heavy line. Enker’s Tale!

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