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Every week I wonder if I’ll only have two or three things worth taking note of. Every week I am surprised.

  • Ping Teo of Webcomic Finds looks at time and webcomics. Making webcomics is a very unsure endeavor and it is very easy to just quit. I am inspired by her choice of attitude about the effort of making comics. (She has also added a number of webcomic links to her page, including Artpatient. Thanks!) (via ComicTalk)
  • PC Weenies turns 10 and has a caption contest going through Sunday. In case you had trouble visiting them, they’ve fixed the problem.
  • Read the interview with Wendy Pini of Elfquest. I found it interesting to see her still creating and not just resting on her past success. (via Comixtalk)
  • ComixTalk has an article about the kinds of enjoyment that readers get from webcomics. The Floating Lightbulb has something similar about what good comics have in common. Obviously, all these things work with each other and produce a reader experience.
  • Every comic artist would like their audience to comment. I bookmarked this succinct list of seven easy tips to encourage readers to talk to us. I’d like to be able to point to other sites that have tried some of these suggestions. Feel free to link to them in the comments below or send me an email and I’ll add them here.
  • Movie Geek info: Remember the golden gun? (via Unclebear)
  • Can you believe that Calvin & Hobbes only ranks as the 155th most popular comic. Actually, I jest. I do not expect a comic that has ended to rank very highly. Still, 155th? I would think it would be higher than that by a hundred.
  • Even though it’s very difficult to make money doing webcomics, I still think there are other possibilities to try. Comics and video games go hand in hand, so if it works for one it might work for the other. They make these video games with sponsored ads built into them, post them for free download and they spread virally. Say you create a three panel sports comic with an embedded ad – perhaps nothing more than a tooltip or caption saying “sponsored by Nike. Just do it.” Give it a creative commons license and link to it in your sig on the football forums at (or whatever.) Think I’m crazy? Even Marvel is looking to use the internet to promote their more niche offerings.
  • There’s always someone who claims the current trend is over. Wired has an article claiming that blogs are now on their way out and Twitter is in. The fact simply is that 140 letters, while more to the point and generating quick response, are not going to be enough to replace well developed articles. The blog sky is not falling.
  • It never hurts to re-examine the drawing basics. Get drawing and re-learn your shadows.
  • And, as you know, is under new ownership? ownership and management. The first submitted article talks about excuses for not getting comics done. The author is mostly right – except that in some rare circumstances there may be no less important places to steal time from. I also  happily count a small amount of goofing off and rest time as necessary. Without it, I have no inspiration. That’s not my excuse, mind you. I chose to hiatus and it was probably a good thing for me.
  • Finally, Comic Fencing has my review of 8-bit Theater up and (hopefully) four others too.

I seem to have found a number of things to say this week about what I read.

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