What Galactus Is Not.

If you read comic books growing up and saw the second Fantastic Four movie, you are likely aware of this. Please bear with me as I “educate “those who aren’t…

At the end of August 2008, the Comics Reporter had a post telling us that Jack Kirby would’ve been 91.
In that post, there was many Kirby pics. One of them was of Galactus:

Galactus By Kirby
Galactus By Kirby

What does this have to do with the movie? Galactus is not a wispy cloud.

I realize that there is probably some need to change him somehow to better reflect today’s sci-fi sensibility. It also follows that if you’re going to keep making Fantastic Four movies, Galactus is going to keep showing up. So you need to design him as someone that the FF can interact with. Galactus should not be shown as a white cloud.

And here’s another geeky nit-pick: No matter how smurfy the Silver Surfer might be, he’s a candle in comparison to Galactus. Galactus would pinch the Surfer out of existence in a confrontation. Combine Richard’s brains with Surfer’s power – then maybe you can hold Galactus off temporarily. Like in the original comic.

Maybe you could present the concept of “Galactus” to a bunch of artists and see what they drew?


  1. The Doctor

    That’s not a geeky nitpick, IMO. It’s a legitimate gripe about an established character. Some changes can be made, yes – take the seemingly endless “origin” stories of Batman that have been paraded around in movies lately – as long as Bruce Wayne’s parents snuff it when he’s a kid and he grows up to wear the rubber suit, the details can be altered slightly.
    Galactus being a wispy cloud (I’ll take your word for it – I haven’t watched any of the latest ‘superhero’ movies like FF or Spiderman, myself) however, is a complete departure from the character. That, to me, signals sloppy writing and more desire to wow the audience than to present a coherent story.

    Kind of like Superman getting Lois pregnant then leaving Earth for 5 years because he heard a RUMOR that Krypton hadn’t been destroyed. Yeah.

  2. The Doctor

    And as for the Surfer – he was created by Galactus in the original comics. Seems pretty logical to me that Galactus would be more powerful than the Surfer, given that premise.

    Then again, audiences today don’t seem to care about much of anything other than flash, bang and CGI. More’s the pity. Give me a good old sci-fi B Movie ANY day :)

  3. Delos

    I’m glad someone out there agrees with me! Especially the bonafide Doctor. :)

    As I watched that Superman movie, I wondered who he heard this ‘rumor’ from? There don’t appear to be any other star traveling persons that may have traveled through those parts. Maybe it was the Silver Surfer.

  4. The Doctor

    Actually, from what I understand, Luthor made up the rumor and Superman fell for it.

    Now…this is the same Superman who is supposed to be super-intelligent, super this super that … he’s had a relationship with Lois and she had a child … and yet he just up and leaves? And on top of it LOIS is the one spearheading the “We don’t need a Superman” movement? Sheesh.

    Can we say “Shoehorn the characters into the plot to make a movie?” Bad writing for the sake of making yet more money off a movie franchise that, like Star Wars and Batman, should have retired gracefully a LONG time ago.

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