The Sixth Dimension

What Did I Learn?
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The Sixth Dimension by Sarah Mendiola.

What is the Sixth Dimension about? Well, the blurb is actually a little revealing, so I won’t spoil it here. Suffice it to say that the Socahtoans (the antropomorphic lizards shown in the comic thus far) are protecting something of great value. It’s imperative that Lord Malavark, on his quest to take over the galaxy, not discover the secrets on Sacahtoa. It’s pretty riveting storyline and blurb.

One other thing about the story is that you really get the sense that it’s just starting. It opens up a universe of possibilities and we’ve only gotten a taste of what The Sixth Dimension has in store.

I happen to like the latest artwork the best (number 25) but there’s a great freeness in the sketchy styles in the earlier earlier comics. There’s certainly some use for switching the style up from time to time. I suspect that some of these style switches were the artist was trying to find her way. That can only be done by doing, so you can’t hold it against her. I happen to enjoy it, as a matter of fact. The artistic process is always fascinating to me.

The style starts at full page color, moves back and forth between black and white and color, with some having just spots of color. I like the effect. Also, the pages themselves vary. It starts at full page and eventually narrows to about half a page width. There’s a nice variety of panel layouts too. I find myself having to work extra hard not to rely on just a few types.

What did I learn?

A well written description can really help drive interest in the work. It seems I will have to keep relearning this until I actually do some work on my own blurbs! And switching up the style of presentation does add to the experience of the story (as Mr McCloud’s books discusses.) That’s one of the benefits of being on the web; you are not locked into a certain look or presentation. Welcome to The Sixth Dimension.

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