Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad

What Did I Learn?
webcomic reviews by Delos Woodruff
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Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad by Kevin Richter.

Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad
Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad

What is Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad about? The blurb reads this way: “The story of three gorillas, Frank, Sal and Earl, on the run from the police for the murder of their employer. They are befriended by a young boy, Max, who helps them solve the mystery as well as find their place in a world that doesn’t quite accept them for who they are.” Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

The art always conveys that certain serious mood that the storyline requires. There’s a great quality even to little things like how gorilla-like the way they walk is shown. And I not only like the Gorillas themselves, but also Max and the supporting characters like the police and their way-cool floaty bikes. (I’m not sure how that will read to you, but that was a compliment in the spirit of ‘neato!’)

The panel layouts are solid and properly emphasize the flow of story. The lines of action are very clear and there’s no confusion about what’s going on. Even the word balloons and lettering are handled very well. There are a number of other things to appreciate as well. The logo is well designed and the presentation directs your attention to the work. In the blog below the comic, Kevin talks about wanting his artwork perfect. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into every comic. Look at the preview of page 47 – you’ll see what I mean. You can also tell it really saddens him when he misses a deadline. He almost agonizes over it. It’s nice to see an artist who wants so badly to do a great job. And succeeding.

What did I learn?

It seems like I have to keep relearning this, but when the creators are truly excited and enthused about their work it really shines through. Keep working and improving no matter what. The effort will show. It certainly shows in Max and the Gorilla Goon Squad.

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