Strip News

This week is a grab bag of webcomic news and interesting bits.

  • Fantasy Webcomic Deathmatch on MPD57. Don’t miss it.
  • I’d love to see an animated Casey & Scotty, wouldn’t you?
  • I think this webcomic trading card idea has some great potential. Imagine if these were images that comic creators placed as an easter egg on their site and readers were encouraged to find them. Collect them all!
  • Speaking of good ideas, I feel the need to mention Shmoofy to all those who haven’t participated yet.
  • Skitzo Man might be a good comics blog to keep your eye on while El Santo has temporarily powered down. There is another fairly new listing/blog site called, with the best comic category breakdown I’ve seen (though it has been awhile since I made the rounds.) They also do reviews according to this standard. There is also a review site called Comic-1 which has succinct mini reviews. Places to watch.
  • Marooned artist Tom Dell’Aringa has 7 Keys to Writing For Webcomics.
  • The Floating Lightbulb asks if there are too many comics and if there’s a limit on how big a webcomic can get. Great analysis of the webcomic situation there.
  • Think you might be interested in How To Be A Cartooning Self Publisher, as written by the example of self publishers?
  • And Kleefeld has some good observations on managing your endless webcomic reading list.
  • Want to refresh on some drawing basics? Try Speed Drawing.

Something worth looking at for everyone.

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