Rainbow Orchid

What Did I Learn?

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Rainbow Orchid by Garen Ewing.

Rainbow Orchid
Rainbow Orchid

Before I get to the comic itself, I wanted to talk about the supplemental pages like the Reader’s Corner found on the Rainbow Orchid site. This is a great idea! It has reviews, a FAQ, fan art, wallpapers, reviews, reader comments and audio. On some of the other pages, there are other interesting tidbits as well. I think that’s called fan service (I hope that’s not a derogatory term) and it’s all very well done. The whole site promotes the comic and here’s a great quote from the opening page:
“If you like your comics full of mystery and adventure and you love the worlds of H. Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Edgar P. Jacobs and Herg�, then you’ll want to read The Rainbow Orchid.”

Those are many of my favorite authors, so you know this has caught my interest. The influences mentioned in the FAQ also resonate strongly with me. This is yet another comic where the theme carries a lot of flavor.

The linework suits the 1920’s setting and the color scheme drives it home.

This is a comic that I want to take my time and read through slowly, so I’m not prepared to comment on the writing. Every other detail has a careful deliberateness, so I’m sure there’s good stuff to come.

What did I learn?

Provide good fan service to show your appreciation. Do your research because it pays off. Think about your theme and get your details in line with it. Rainbow Orchid has a lot we can learn from.

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