Better You Than Me


This is almost a review of Better You Than Me by Lee Cherolis.

I only have a few things to say about this comic, so don’t blink. It is basically a sporadically updated diary comic and it includes bits from other comics the artist is working on.

The style goes from the image on the left to the more finished looking image below. The style, like many other comics, often uses panels that overlap but unlike other comics, the panel design is totally enslaved to the particular comic. Word balloons and characters will mercilessly override anywhere and everywhere they are needed.

  • I like that the artist is unafraid to experiment and update whenever he can get around to it. He also makes the statement that he refuses to put up work that is below his standards. Even with all this sort of artist drama, there is a sense of fun and cleverness that shows itself freely in the comic.

  • bytm
  • Overall, I liked Better You Than Me – I only had two nitpicks. I’m not crazy about the oversaturated colors in the most recent art, but I have a feeling the artist will eventually tone it down a little. Secondly, as the artist mentions in one comic, the word balloons can be hard to follow sometimes. With less panels in the newer strips, it gets better so does that even count as a nitpick?

    What Did I Learn?

    Better You Than Me confirmed that, for me, deadlines are self imposed. It’s better to produce your best work slower than post sub-par work often. Also, the format should bend to the demands of the work and the artist, rather than being something the artist has to always work within. That doesn’t mean consistency is unimportant but rather don’t let it straight-jacket you. You can see it all for yourself starting at the “first” Better You Than Me.


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