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Some fun stuff and some things to ponder this week…

  • Newsarama brings us news about the new Farscape books. It was a pretty good sci fi show and it had a lot of story potential.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what “Adult Swim’s version of Care Bears” would look like, this would be it. The artist claims she’s just getting started in webcomics but I hope to someday (after a lot of work) to be nearly as good. I don’t know if I’ll review it, but you may see something written up on it down the road.
  • Looking for some direction for your comic? Try PW Beat’s some good tips I found on PW Beat: Ten Commandments for Cartoonists and Witchfinder’s Ten Laws of Zuda submissions.
  • ComixTalk’s forums had a practical thread about creating webcomics. If you’re thinking about making a webcomic, read the thread.
  • Courtesy of ComicMix, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who hates those on-screen comic readers and their silly image-protection methods. Readers want to own creative content, not just view it on your inconvenient website with a buggy presentation. They will buy the graphic novel if you provide one and your work is good. IF you feel the need to prevent copying (use DRM protection) then your audience should not notice any inconvenience. Caveat: This one is the best comic reader I’ve seen and I think they ought to license it out.
  • Also via ComicMix is a review of SpaceBalls the Animated Series.
  • Mouse Guard is still going strong. Don’t worry.
  • Sequart reviews Kyle Baker’s book, which is about his style and has practical cartooning advice. Another book to acquire.
  • The Daily Cartoonist directs us to Tom Richmond’s advice to artists about letting people use your work for free. Or not. Make sure you read Tom’s comments (through the link to his blog) right down to the last comment below the article.
  • Tony of Calamities of Nature, has a great post about different ad services to use on your website. Or not to use.
  • We’re reviewing Calamities of Nature on Comic Fencing. Tune in and see if you agree with at least one of us.
  • We’d like to get one more reviewer for Comic Fencing, so have interested parties get in contact with us via We have five Fencers but a sixth would free me up to do some promoter type of things. Alternates will also work for this purpose if doing a weekly review is too much.
  • Finally, I’ll be looking at Better You Than Me to see what I can learn. Stop back Sunday.


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    Oh yes, that’s right. I’ll have to fix the wording on that.

    I’ve chosen to bookmark the links where I first found the cool content so I give proper credit to those who’ve scooped the item.

    Unfortunately, that means sometimes I mistakenly attribute content to the wrong source. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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