Neko and Neko

What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos Woodruff

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Neko and Neko with artwork by Hector Bustamante.

neko and neko
neko and neko

Neko and Neko is a cute, off the wall comic. Everything contributes to the zany, fun feel. The artwork has lots of thick to thin solid lines, vibrant colors and spiky shadows. There’s always a lot of action which is eye catching and solidly holds your interest. The sound effects and the lettering are all well done. The characters are cleanly constructed visually, with size and color contrasts. They also have clear personalities and goals. They all have a link to each other, even if it’s a little convoluted. You have cats and peas and flies all wound in a cross intersection of desires. The glue holding this strip together is just the sheer zany fun of it. The strip has a lot of spirit which is reinforced by the strong emotional actions and reactions of the characters. I’m sure the characters help write the strip.

What did I learn?

Strong character design is more than just clean lines and the silhouette test. I always hear that cliche line ‘what’s my motivation?’ but you should be able to answer that for your characters. The strength of color shoud support your works’ desired tone. Look over Neko and Neko and see if you don’t agree.

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