Lions, Tigers and Bears

What Did I Learn?

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lions, tigers and bears
lions, tigers and bears

Lions, Tigers and Bears with artwork by Jack Lawrence.

I’m sure this one needs NO introduction. Virtually anyone reading this review has heard of Lions, Tigers and Bears.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the vibrant colors, just like everyone else in the world. In fact, I was so focused on them that it’s easy to overlook the panel variety. And the textures. And the character design. Expressions. Use of darks. And the exquisite cover designs. Sigh.

One more thing amused me. The line work is not especially varied… it’s possible that more fancy linework would detract from the color ‘pop’ or perhaps it has to do with the work being primarily aimed at an audience of kids. Either way, it wasn’t immediately obvious and it’s a very interesting choice.

What did I learn?

I have a lot of color study and work to do. There’s a lot of Jack Lawrence’s work worth imitating. I’m going to have to buy the books for my own library. You can see samples here, more samples here and more samples yet from Jack’s Tigerman.

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