What Did I Learn?

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Spacequint by Jess Hickman.

SpacequintSpacequint is, most likely, an unfinished side project with its most recent update in January 2007 Feb 2008 (as of this writing.) However, I really like some specific things about it and I’m hoping that more is added to it.

First of all, the linework has a very gentle quality about it. It also has some very dark, sharp spots that really draw your eye. Speaking of eyes, Jess has a very striking way of rendering eyes. Even if it’s just a squishy monster with googly moogly eyes. The eyes and linework really carry the story.

There aren’t that many panels and I had looked at all of them each about a dozen times by the time I was writing this review. It wasn’t until then that I realized that there was very little dialogue. I was a little … stunned. The few bits of dialogue exist to give the story context, but most of the communication was done with a glance of the eyes.

What did I learn?

Remember to use the art to focus audience attention. Make your eyes expressive and the story should be interesting even without dialogue. You can probably discover some other things you like about Spacequint. [Jess Hickman also has other published work, including the pencils in a story called Snowblind discussed in this interview on]

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