Strip News

This Strip News has theory, review links and more. (Plus a few things I lacked room to mention last week.)

  • By the power of Comixtalk, we are shown Neil Cohn’s review of Systeme de la Bande Desinée. It’s supposed to be an academic book about comic theory. Translated from French, the title reads The System of Comics. You can read the review for yourself but (among other things) there is still dispute about how to define what a comic is. Scott McCloud has his definition, Patric Lewandowski has his (well thought out) four part definition. I like the analysis and examination by all these folks and I do think there is great value in doing so. However, I also think it’s crucial to realize that non-artists can recognize a comic when they see it.
  • Also via Comixtalk, El Santo reviews Sugar Bits.
  • Perhaps even more interesting to me, I requested that El Santo take a look at my comic, the Frog Pond. Specifically, I asked him to tell me what three things were the most direly in need of improvement. My personal list of improvements for the comic would span a few pages in a notebook, so this helped me focus on what matters most. Sometimes an outside perspective is very useful. Comment to your heart’s content.
  • The Floating Lightbulb interviews Katya and Louisa from the “Best Band in the Universe” comic.
  • This is an interesting comic that I’ve been checking on to make sure it stays kid friendly before I promote it. I see the Webcomic Asylum has already reviewed it. Scooped!
  • We’re between Zuda competitions, so the Webcomic Witchfinder gives us an update about what is going on with past competitors. Witchfinder keeps good tabs on that Zuda site. Thank goodness.
  • The You’ll Have That comic has a new website address.
  • This isn’t a comic, but it might be a good technique to use if you want to make something different than a standard line drawing comic.
  • Maybe you’ll want to format your comic to fit on the Kindle? Interesting information if you don’t want to leave out potential readers.
  • And just who owns Steamboat Willie? Maybe YOU do! (I don’t recall which comic news site I found this on first, I apologize.)
  • I’m not restarting the Frog Pond, but I do have to get myself restarted doing it for the end of September. Before I get going in earnest, I want to make time to listen to the Webcomic Beacon’s “Restarting Your Comic” podcast.

Of course, Comic Fencing should have the reviews of the Wannabe Pirates up by now. And this weekend’s ArtPatient review is on Caribbean Blue, so tune in to see What I Learned.

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