Corrupt Hardware

This is a review of Corrupt Hardware by Tom Potter. ‘Cause Robots Are Neat.’

Corrupt Hardware
Corrupt Hardware

Robots are neat! There’s quite a few places that robots can take you, humor-wise. No matter what, theyare alien to us and you expect them to behave like … well, robots. With well-written robots, you never know when they will stick to archetype or break it. Always entertaining.

The humor has a nice touch of the wacky. The thinking is outside of the box just enough for the humor to be refreshing. I was thinking that the comic reminded me, in some ways, of the ever mysterious Invader Zim. And then it just so happened that the day I was writing this review, it featured this comic. I applaud the influence of Zim on the creator, but he’s got his own take on robots that exceeds the tv cartoon. Very well done and not the easiest thing to do.

The art has an elegantly simple quality to it. The characters have good size and personality contrast. Notice that the robots aren’t just stacked boxes but they really have a unique look. Again, well done.

What did I learn? Well designed characters and a unique hook can work wonders. Good writing and character driven dialogue go a long way. I can only assume that you’ll enjoy the antics of Bit, Eli, Prob, and Ittybit just like I have. ( For some reason, the links may not be working correctly.


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