Strip News

This week is absolutely unbelievable with the amount of news items I want to feature. I cut them down to those things I could simply point you to or are time sensitive. The rest I have filed away to post on later dates as separate posts.

  • First, Casey and Scotty is no longer on hiatus and is updating weekly. There’s a great new site design and a bunch of other changes to gawk at. In a few weeks, I’ll be updating the review I originally did of Casey and Scotty to tell you what I see.
  • Also, check out Dub, a brand new black and white, borderless comic updating Mon-Fri.
  • TokyoPop has Star Trek Manga for you to look at for free. Click on the book’s cover to launch the player. It will show you a double page, black and white spread.
  • The Webcomic Overlook reviews Ding! I’m not sure I would review that artist’s comic, so if you like Warcraft you’ll want to see that review there.
  • The Daily Cartoonist links to an interview with Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey fame.
  • Want to meet the cast of Spider Man 4? Maybe you can be an extra during a scene? Maybe go to a fancy dress party? Read more about it on ComicMix.
  • ComicSpace is looking to hire. Do you have the qualifications and live near NYC? It’s a good opportunity…
  • I found some more reviews and general news thoughts on TWIW.
  • MPD57 covers Zuda’s Night Owls.
  • It would be tough to top this article if you’re looking to improve your comic. I have more articles to show you from The Floating Lightbulb, but you can beat me to it by clicking around the site.
  • Comic Fencing should be showing the newest reviews of Been Better by the time you read this.

Stop back for my redo-review on Sunday. Enjoy this last bit of summer.


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