Alligator Cartoon Caricature

A friend of mine who works with people with developmental problems and other deficiencies asked me to draw an alligator. Make it cartoony, like a caricature. Or find one online. It needs to be 8×10 inches so we can use it on a bulletin board. Oh, and I need it done in the next hour.

Because I had some other things to do in that next hour, I went online and spent about ten minutes Googling. I found this kids’ activity coloring image right away, looked about ten pages deeper and went back to it because there was no other suitable image. Since I didn’t charge anything, it’s a one shot deal and given the nature of the intended audience I went ahead and printed it off. Just so the artist gets proper credit and a little e-traffic, I mention it here.

After taking care of my other obligations, I still had about 15 minutes left. I decided I’d draw something up so my friend would have a choice if the first was not usable. So, I went ahead and created this:

Of course, I’ve taken the time to color this one and throw in a background, so don’t think I did all that in fifteen minutes. The drawing and inking was fifteen but the coloring took awhile. Actually, this was the first time I’ve tried out some of the coloring techniques I’ve discovered in my web searching. I played around with
exactly how dark or light I wanted things.

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