Just when you thought he was abewt to recovah

I started to read a comic on my list to review and it was a pretty good read. Not too heavy, funny, fairly well done – and it had an ongoing storyline to string you along. It also had elements I found morally debatable and after I had read all 167 comics, I decided that I wasn’t going to feature that comic.

So according to my custom here, I went down the list to the very next comic. It was about monkeys and video games. Sounds promising, but it wasn’t very funny to read and eventually every comic was just a dirty joke instead of video games and pop culture. So that went out the window too. Picking which comics to review is not always a simple choice.

I realized that I was running out of time to pick another comic and get a new review done for tomorrow. With my fist raised in clever triumph, I determined that I would repost an older review for tomorrow. The next one in line to be ported over was for A Rusty Life. So I went to the old review page to copy it over and it was gone. Specifically, the middle part. What?!? How!?! Why!!! Aaaaaarghhhhhhh!
It’s even like that in my backups so it’s gone. I’ll redo that review for next Sunday. The next review to get into the wordpress install is for Edgar Allan Poo. It’s a little short, but we’ll be looking at it again in several weeks for Comic Fencing. You’ll see what a new look at that comic brings.

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