Strip News 8-15-08

It’s been a busy week.

The Comic Fencing reviews of Tastes Like Chicken should be up by now. Check them out and let us know what you think too.

What comic site would be complete without some kind of Superman reference? Via ComicMix, a couple of comic writers were talking about how they would reboot the Superman movie franchise. They also discuss Supe’s real origin, the impetus for the creation of the character. I haven’t had time to verify it for accuracy, but I found it just as interesting as how the Batman character was created. I’ll find a link to that recording, but for now you can read about Joss Whedon’s potential take on a Batman movie.

Zuda has had a pretty decent online interface for reading comics. Comics Reporter had a link to an improved online comic reader. The ‘suite’ (next) button is pretty… sweet. The overview works great but once you start reading the comic it bogs down. Still, it’s an improvement. I wonder if something similar might be done with the ComicPress WordPress theme? I have the start of an idea. Let me work on it a bit.

I’m late to the party on this one, but Comics Worth Reading has a look at the Zuda comics in August 2008’s competition. A quick overview, but informative.

Heroes has a preview for the next season which you can see at SuperHeroHype.

The Beat had a number of interesting items for us to consider. First, there’s a story about a seven year old boy reviewing comics. If you want to know what is really what, ask a kid. They will tell you everything they think. (There are also two young girls and their mother who review comics on Newsrama called All-Ages Reads, as well.) Also, Nickelodeon has kids-choice comic awards?

I’ve seen this in a couple of places, but there have been a number of people fired from Wizard Magazine. I hope it had nothing to do with me letting my subscription expire! I would hate to see that magazine stop publishing. The beginning of the end is when they start laying off the help. It’s a shame those folks lost their jobs, too.

Monday, I posted a response to a venting by Mr. Scott Kurtz of PVP comic fame. I received some feedback as well as some nice complements from El Santo and Bengo from The Floating Lightbulb. It is also revealing to read Kurt’s followup comments at Comixtalk. UPDATE: I read the newest comments on Comics Worth Reading. That was very rude of Kurtz. He started out reasonable but finished poorly.

Also, The Psychadelic Treehouse is full of good stuff for those interested in webcomics. It is designed to act as an archive for comics I hope to contribute something more, but some of my reviews are going to be archived there. I’ll also be linking to specific resources I find there and discussing how I’ll be applying what I learn from there.

A related bit of Webcomic Collective news: An announcement…

Webcomic Collective Flavorwhip has merged with Webcomic Collective Amalgamated Artists. The group will retain the Amalgamated Artists name and web site. Both collectives were founded for the promotion of long-form color webcomics.

Titles moving to Amalgamated include Li’l Nyet by Bengo and Pug, and RedMask by Malachi Sharlow. The consolidation will allow more daily features at Amalgamated Artists, such as Li’l Nyet, which updates all five weekdays. Amalgamated Artists is home to strips such as Untrue Tales by Sam Little, Ulysses Seen by Rob Berry and Yuletide by Tony Tobin. Gary Epting, creator of Sharks and Shrinks, is spokesperson.

Amalgamated has sent four contestants to DC Comic’s Zuda competitions, including by invitation.

I should end with some personal/site news. The Check It Local Business Directory has a few more tweaks to go, but most of the work on that is complete. I’m also working on a companion video site and I’m in the design approval process for building another professional business website for Mayer Industries. Those are the big two, but I also have some smaller projects to tidy up like creating a local rock band’s logo. Fun stuff to do but time demanding. Once those things get whittled down there will be less distraction.

I hope to have the archives completely updated and be on schedule with posting more Frog Pond by the end of September. I’ll also be adding more to the Marfs Gaming page. The summer and my various projects are sorting themselves out. I took on a little too much.

Lastly, you’ll see the review of Moose Mountain here on Sunday. Stop back then.

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