From The Margin

What Did I Learn?

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(This review was originally posted long ago and has been edited slightly.)

From The Margin
From The Margin

This time, I’ll be reviewing From The Margin, by Name Unknown.

My first impression is that I really enjoy the witty dialogue and the wonderful contrast in the images. It took me a little reading to catch on to the currently ongoing storyline, but I’m really enjoying it. There’s a definite sense of each character in their actions and speaking.

The art has a certain sketch feel to it and it has some great layout ideas that I also enjoy. The backgrounds include some unusual pure blacks, brushed metal and starfields. There’s also some fun (what I call cgi) images of starcraft and planets. Some of the early ones were even cgi rendered in color too. There’s really some nice variation to the look and feel.

The writing has a smooth feel once you’ve read two or three strips and get a sense of what’s going on. The moments that the artist chooses to show provide not only a little drama but some nice subtle humor. It’s almost like you can sense the creator’s amusement as he worked on the comic.

The site colors fit the comic and the navigation is clear. On his comicspace site, the author mentions that he welcomes ideas for the strip, character concepts and fanart.

What did I learn?

Open up to the concept of not using every bit of the standard comic box. Looser line can be appealing and interesting character interplay is really fun. See what you can discover in From The Margin .

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