Strip News

The Fish Tank
  • I promised that I would announce what comic I’ll be reviewing the next week. The next review will be on The Fish Tank. The artist has recently (within the last few months) gotten himself a new job and it has overbooked his time. This is very much like what I’ve done to myself, so let’s join him when he relaunches The Fish Tank on August 8th.
  • There are numerous comic news sites you can visit. ArtPatient isn’t going to replace any of them, but at least I can feature some comic news items worth noticing.
  • Apparently, there’s a new book on making comics. I don’t have that one yet, but I’ll get it and let you know if there’s anything useful in it. For now, Comics Worth Reading has a review of it.
  • There is also another news item from CWR which talks about the new Wowio site.
  • I think the Sponsored business model has the most promise of matching webcomics with making money. I look for win-win solutions and this is it. If a comic catches popular attention, then the artist benefits from the sponsorship ad money. The sponsors benefit from the webcomic’s popularity and the readers benefit from the sponsors and artists working together to make a good product. Syndication seems to involve the artist getting the short end of the stick and the merchandising and regular site ad revenue is not as profitable as something like Wowio. However, if you’ve found ArtPatient through the usual channels and you’re reading this then you probably already know all about that.

I’ll have more Strip News next Friday. For now, pop over to Comic Fencing and read the newest reviews.

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