Lessons In Fire Safety

What Did I Learn?

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(This is a repost, posted purely out of a sense of completeness. The site where this comic was is now dead and the artist has not logged on to ComicSpace since 2007. Her livejournal and deviant art account were active as of August 2008, but she does not appear to be doing anything comic related at this time. I did not get a sample image at the time of the review, unfortunately. )

Lessons In Fire Safety by Laura Ellyn.

This one is a little off the beaten path for me. It’s a finished comic with a very serious, enduring purpose. It reminds me how Bill Watterson wanted to make his comic about something more than just entertainment.

I won’t spoil what it’s about here. It’s a quick enough and delicious read. I also wouldn’t do it justice to try to convey it to those who haven’t read it. I’m going to be a little vague because of that.

But I will talk about the clever choices of which ‘moments’ are shown. I will mention how the black and white contrast, along with the line quality really adds to the feel of the comic. I’ll also add that the writing/dialogue is exquisite. It’s always perfectly suited to the character speaking. The pacing is right on and therefore the storytelling is very effective.

I’m floored by this comic. I have that feeling you get when you, at last, come to the end of a really great book. Should I ever wish to create a more serious work, I certainly hope it has at least half the effect on you that this one has had on me.

What did I learn?

A comic does not have to be of graphic novel length to carry a hefty, powerful message. It does not have to necessarily have many many characters, nor does it have to be complex on multiple layers to be appreciated. Take a few minutes and read Lessons In Fire Safety.

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